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About Us

Buzz Door Hangers is a service of BAM! Buzz Advertising & Marketing Group. To learn more about BAM! please visit our main website at Buzz has been in the business of distributing door hangers, flyers and other collaterial for over 10 years. We've distributed and work with some of the larger coporations, to include: Comcast, Verizon, Best Buy, Midas, Pizza hut, Dominos Pizza, and Petco just to name a small few.

So what seperates us from other companies? Our work ethic. Most of our street team genuinely love what they do. From our street team Manager, to our team supervisors, to the staff that actuially puts the product on doors, they all enjoy what they do. You should know that Buzz takes cares of it's street team, they are among the highest paid distributors in the country. We take care of our team and in return they do a great job for us and our clients.
Buzz re-launched it's multi-advertiser door hanger service to help the small businessman. We have seen nothing to help the little guy get ahead. So we pool our resources and grow our businesses together. At present, Buzz only has distribution in a few cities inside of Metro Boston. In the coming months we will expand with interest and equipment. Although, we're limited to the areas we're covering with our multi-advertiser door hanger service, we have no restriction on doing a single / exclusive door hanger anywhere within the Boston DMA.