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Frequently Asked Questions

Clients are charged for the delivery per piece or by the thousand (CPM). Rates are set depending on the area(s) being covered. The more rural an area(s) being canvassed, the higher the rate of delivery.

Buzz has been distributing door hangers, flyers, and newspapers door to door for over 12 years. Crews are professionally supervised and GPS tracked (additional charge). Our team superviser drives virtually every street on the same day to ensure product was hung correctly. We can also call you the same day your ad goes out so you can check your targeted area.

To learn more about the benefits of using door hanger ads over other forms advertising, please visit: Door Hanger Marketing. Advertisers have found the high cost of magazine, newspaper and direct mail advertising to no longer be as effective as they once were. We create a professionally designed ad, printed full color on the finest, glossy cover stock and deliver it directly to your customer. The print quality surpasses newsprint, bulk mailers, and magazines. As for the exposure our multi-advertiser provides, there is no comparison!

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